Podcast bannerBrad Hicks and Paul Reid have co-hosted numerous webcasts on the use of ICTs in Education using the facilities provided by the Webcast Academy. With regular local and international guests it is hoped that these topical webcasts will further collaborative opportunities for educators interested in ICTs and the ever increasing role they are playing in education. For Digital Chalkie’s live show Paul and Brad chose to use the word webcast because the audio is released live (streamed) onto the web. The streaming audio comes through like a radio station to iTunes or Real Audio as the user chooses -unlike the podcasts below which are released as an MP3 or in an RSS enclosure after the webcast has occurred. In time we will post an enhanced podcast with links and pictures etc that users will be able to subscribe to within iTunes (for example) and which will be archived on this Digital Chalkie podcast page.

Another ‘live’ feature of the webcast that accompanies the streaming audio file is that listeners can join the text-based chatroom. We use Skype to record all conversation within the ‘SkypeCast room’. We will release a podcast of the event which will be an edited version accompanied by a transcript of the webcast.

We welcome the participation of other Digital Chalkies. If you have any questions on the topic due for discussion please send them to webcast@digitalchalkie.com and we will raise them during the show. Feel free to dicuss the topic and the Digital Chalkie webcast in the comments.


Please find the archive of our webcasts and podcasts here.