A word from the founder Paul Reid:

I am passionate about the potential of online collaborative tools and ICTs to help engage, motivate and educate Oceania based students of all ages. With this in mind I have been very happy to host and participate in the group blog Digital Chalkie. Before starting this site, I spoke with some of the wise heads in the West Australian education community and was grateful for their give-it-a-go encouragement. So I would like to thank Reg Whitely, Bryn Jones, Mark Weber, Steve Adcock, Kim Flintoff and Rod Blitvich for their assistance and motivation to get Digital Chalkie online. After a month or so of beta testing Digital Chalkie was released on West Australia’s Foundation Day Monday 5th June 2006.

I am maintaining Digital Chalkie on a volunteer basis. I would like to make it clear at this early stage my motivation in establishing Digital Chalkie. The inspiration is both professional and out of genuine interest the possibilities to advance education through the use of ICTs.

Interesting things of note might be that I love media production with computers and have done so for many years. For a while I worked at The Edinburgh International Film Festival as a technical support officer. For 3 years I ran an international film festival in a bomb shelter in southern Japan. I spent three years as ESL teacher in a Japanese High School using C.A.L.L. (Computer Assisted Language Learning) - helping a run a Windows 2000 lab in Japanese was ……. lets say an educational experience. For two years I ran a Macintosh lab on a Windows network at Paraburdoo Primary School, teaching across the whole curriculum by integrating ICTs - with the right tools and scaffolding in the learning process I consolidated my belief that ICTs have high efficacy in helping the achievement of educational outcomes. Currently I live in Perth, Western Australia and work as a Senior Curriculum Officer working with teachers to effectively deliver curriculum through ICT in the Department of Education & Training. This is a job I enjoy immensely and feel challenged by daily in finding solutions to the variety of forces that are working against and for the integration of technology into 21C education.

I feel strongly about getting the good work of Oceania teacher’s out into the world beyond insular email lists we currently use.

Genuinely, I hope you find it of some interest and use. For easy reading please add Digital Chalkie to your RSS reader.

I hope you will find that Digital Chalkie has become a decent venue hold vibrant discussions and to network and share interests with a wider audience.

Paul Reid is a geek.

Paul Reid
Contact: http://paulreid.id.au