Who provides the Digital Chalkie hosting?

Paul Reid is providing the server space on a voluntary basis and can handle 1GB of traffic a month (just in case one of us posts something really exciting that hits the RSS feeds on blogosphere. ie. we get DiGGed).

Why are there Google Ads on the post pages?

The addition of Google Ads on the front page in 2006 was in the hope that incoming funds would fund a future transfer of the Digital Chalkie webspace to a dedicated server and support our web-conferencing. Donate towards my web hosting bill!But our traffic volumes are sustainable on this new server and and thus have removed these ads, leaving only one ad on the posts page in case we experience the DiGG effect if one of us blog something of huge interest to the blogosphere. Paul Reid is currently hosting this website on a shared DreamHost server. If you would like to donate to increase our bandwith or help is us with our goal to provide web-conferencing events for our community please do so via the icon to the right.

Why isn’t Digital Chalkie affiliated with a professional association?

No real reason but running a professional association can be a time consuming business - this form of community allows for spontaneity and entrepreneurial innovation unrestricted by the by-laws and processes of formalised associations. Nonetheless, the initial members and informal board of Digital Chalkie including Paul Reid, Brad Hicks, Reg Whitely, Bryn Jones, Mark Weber, Steve Adcock, Kim Flintoff and Rod Blitvich reserve the option for us to be associated with a professional association in the future.