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ByteMe! Digital Content Festival, Perth



ByteMe! Festival will be an inspiring event to take students along to or even to attend yourself. A few events that caught my eChalk eye were these:

  • Ghost Town is a new innovative game of urban exploration played with the help of your mobile phone, and unleashed on the streets of Perth for one week, starting December 2nd, 2007. The game uses a mashup of technology (bluetooth, SMS and VOIP) and the physical world. To play: Go to the Ghost Town booth at the Perth Town Hall between 10am and 5pm (Dec 2 to Dec 9) with a mobile phone with Bluetooth. Cost: FREE
  • BarCampNano - a mini Unconference of web 2.0. The Australian Web Industry Association will be conducting BarCampNano between 1pm-4pm on Sunday 9th of December at the Perth Town Hall.
  • Get Reel is a collection of Western Australian digital content that covers a wide spectrum - from animation to ads, from 3D fly-throughs to games development, from engineering to education, from virtual safety training to visual FX for film and television.
  • The Interface - play with PCs with WA-programmed computer games to play, free wallpapers and ringtones for your mobile phone and loads of other things to do and see in the glass foyer of the Town Hall.

Via Kat Black, Director of the ByteMe! Festival:

Digital content isn’t an Industry, it’s part of almost EVERY industry now. Animation, visualisation, games development, virtual safety-training - you can see it all at BM!F.

Byte Me

Byte Me! is a Digital Content Festival in Perth, featuring a program of screenings, Show ‘n Tells by Industry speakers from around the world, live audiovisual performances and innovative cross-media events. Some events would be great for school groups - such as the Get Reel screenings of WA digital content, and some would be more appropriate for professional development for teachers, in particular ICT, programming and Media teachers, or even Arts Teachers with an interest in digital media.

The Byte Me! Festival will be at the Perth Town Hall, Western Australia 2-9 December 2007, with some events at various venues in the days leading up to then. Sorry for the very late notice, but this is an you might be interested in, from 2-9 December at the Perth Town Hall.

It’s called the Byte Me! Festival and it includes screenings, digital-careers showbags, international and local guest speakers and an interactive mini-expo where you can talk to people about the type of jobs available in the digital content field, play some locally-developed games or try your hand at VJing.

Some of the events are free, and some are ticketed. Thanks to our generous sponsors though, ticket prices are low - from $5-$19 per event. Concession price is available to ALL people in the Education sector, whether you come with a school group, or just attend in your own time.

They have international speakers from Dreamworks (Shrek), EA Games (MySims), Weta (King Kong and Lord of the Rings) and more. Check out the full Program for more information:

There is a handy Google calendar for event subscription on the website. Hope to see you there!

ECAWA 2007 State Conference



ECAWA conferenceWestern Australia’s ECAWA 2007 State Conference will be two days of exciting professional learning and professional development opportunities, networking and sharing of information about ICT in education in a relaxed and friendly environment at the Atrium Hotel in Mandurah.

While a significant part of the programme will explore some of the opportunities that Web2+ technologies offer educators and students, there will be plenty more as well.

A strand in the programme will focus on senior secondary computing courses – Applied Information Technology and Computer Science. For Primary and Middle School Teachers, strands within the programme will focus on using Information and Communications Technology in the classroom. A list of the presentations are here.

Marc Prensky in Perth



The Department of Education and Training’s Schools Online Curriculum Services (SOCS) has several very interesting projects on the go. Most exciting is the news that Marc Prensky will be in Perth between May 28th and 30th to ‘conduct a series of workshops and keynotes that explore online technologies and their application for innovative education’.

Marc is best known for coining the terms ‘digital immigrants and digital natives’ and for his groundbreaking work on game-based learning. It should be an awesome learning experience. No information on costs or venues at this time, but you can contact the SOCS team at

K-12 Online Conference



The “K12 Online Conference” is for teachers, administrators and educators around the world interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms and professional practice! This year’s conference is scheduled to be held over two weeks, Oct. 23-27 and Oct. 30- Nov. 3 and will include a preconference keynote. The conference theme is “Unleashing the Potential.”

Link to the conference site is here.

I’m not sure of this information has already made it into this forum but for those who may be interested this online conference began this evening with the pre-conference keynote. Much like the Victorian Education Knowledge Bank conference, this conference also utilises the Elluminate online conferencing software. My first experience with this software has been relatively positive apart from some issues with picking up system audio.

The next session of this conference appears to be at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning Perth time. Further details of the conference sessions can be found via this link.

Next Byte Education (WA PD)



David Allibon of Nextbyte has organised some PD and as far as Western Australia is concerned the information is as follows:

Next Byte has planned a number of short professional learning opportunities for West Australian teachers during term four. All courses are free, but please register your attendance by emailing Ashley Staring at stating your name, the course(s) you will be attending and contact details.

Introduction to OS X 10.5
Apple has just released some details of its next operating system OS X 10.5. This session will discuss and highlight many of the new and improved functions in 10.5 and provide time for discussion and questions
Location: Mt Lawley SHS
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Wednesday 18th October at 4.15pm
Presenter: Byron Rudenno – Apple Account Executive (WA)

Using iWeb to Support Classroom Learning
iWeb is a new application in the iLife 06 suite of tools. iWeb allows students to easily publish to the web, sharing their ideas, work and thinking. It also allows teachers and students to set up their own blogs and podcasts. This session will look at how easy it is to use the software and provide attendees with hands on experience with the software.
Location: Christ Church Grammar School
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Wednesday 31st October at 4.15pm
Presenter: Kyrne Holloway –Christ Church GS staff member)

The Power of Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning meets a wide variety of training needs including just-in-time support, help desk functions and structured training courses for staff and students. The tutorials can be embedded into the school’s own material.
It offers a very cost effective web-based software training and support resource. Currently there are over 20,000 video tutorials covering 100 software applications and growing all the time. Participants will be given trial access to the website to test its usefulness and benefits.
Location: To be advised
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Thursday 9th November at 4.15pm
Presenter: Bryn Jones ACPD

Technical talk
This session is aimed at the more technically minded people in schools. It aims to answer your questions about the what/ why and how of managing macs in a school environment. Designed within the session there will be a time set aside for questions and answers as well as an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge.
Location: PLC
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Thursday 9th November at 4.15pm
Presenter: Brett Clarke – IT Director at PLC

Taking Podcasting To The Next Level
While still using podcasting as a base the world has already evolved and vodcasting (video) has logically provided the next step. In this PD while still looking at the merits of podcasting we will look at evolving to vodcasting and techniques used to achieve required outputs. Some of the peripherals looked at are midi input, camera use in class, sound recording and also the merit in editing for student evaluation as well the provision of task analysis tools and student evaluation tools related to outcomes in WA. Hope you can make it.
Location: Kinross Middle School
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Tuesday 21st November at 4.15pm
Presenter: Steve Adcock – Staff member at Kinross Middle School

Podcasting and iPods in the classroom
Many educators are currently Podcasting work and activities within their schools. This session will explain what a podcast is, the educational benefits of podcasting and give participants time to take the first steps in creating their own podcast.

This session will involve the use of Garageband, iPhoto, iTunes and iPods to complete Podcasts as well as providing support materials to assist them as they venture back to Podcast in their own schools.
Location: Oberthur PS
Afternoon tea provided
Date and Time: Tuesday November 28 at 4.00pm
Presenter: Larni Rettalack

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