The main purpose of Digital Chalkie is to provide an open hub for Oceania educators using ICT to engage in dialogue that may help facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students. The domain name uses the word ‘chalkie’ as an affectionately defunct Aussie term for teachers. The goal is to establish a hub/magazine/think-tank in the form of a group blog for teachers to support each other and to collaborate in the use of ICT.

Digital Chalkie was founded by in early 2006 Paul Reid, Brad Hicks, Reg Whitely, Bryn Jones, Mark Weber, Steve Adcock, Kim Flintoff and Rod Blitvich. As an open group-blog Digital Chalkie aims to allow geographically disparate Oceania educators to collaborate with the world beyond the walled-gardens of their closed email listserves. This concept may even apply to our own individual blogs.

In writing posts our goals may include these:

  • To openly discuss educational issues, particularly related to learning technology
  • To allow individual bloggers the opportunity to share their posts with an audience beyond their own blog
  • Share discoveries, resources, accomplishments, excitement and areas of interest
  • Present ideas for integration of learning technology into the curriculum
  • Provide technical assistance to other teachers and trainee practitioners

DC LogoAll educators are welcome to make posts and to comment on the posts of others. Your professional execution of this freedom is asked for in return. After registration you will be enabled to comment on previous posts and to create your own posts. You might be inspired to write a post that could amount to 10 lines telling about a terrific website you know about, or you might wish to share an opinion on ICTs in Education. You might even like to share a tutorial on something you are well versed in.

As this is a voluntary project we have preferred to set up the shell and let it grow organically with as little grandstanding as possible. The KISS principle should apply to all Digital Chalkie operations.


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Webcast and podcasts

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The matrix is the blackboard
The matrix is the blackboard