10 years is a long time in digital life, especially when you are quietly prompting your own education revolution(sic). But when you are based upon open-source organically created tools, it becomes easier to weather the times. Education Network Australia (edna) has been well managed to be flexible enough to move with the technologies of the times. The professional learning scaffold they have built provides for thousands of teachers (and now students) Australia-wide and is a remarkable success story.

I work within a few of these communities of learning and what continues to impress me is that for all intents and purposes they have become self-sustaining. This is remarkable simply because we 21C teachers often require guidance and multiple learning opportunities to get to grip with the digital tools of the age. However, edna’s mash-up of tools offer an engaging, easy-to-use toolset of open-source technologies based mostly upon social constructivist pedagogy - this simple formula leads to strong social support networks (crucial to scalable lifelong learning).

In this spirit of utilising the free, open-source and social tools of the web, edna has set up a LiveClassroom webconference, a VoiceThread and a party in SecondLife. I love this spirit of fun and adventure they bring to their learning events.

Via Kerry Johnson:
edna is going to be holding an event in SL on Tuesday 27 November — and I thought you’d be interested in attending.

SL EDNAHere are the details:
“Official” start time is 2:45pm Adelaide, South Australia time - check your timezone here - on the island of Terra Icognita - click this slurl to access. But you’re welcome to drop by any time after 2pm.

We’ll have free ‘tedna-shirts’, virtual cake and champagne and, after a live broadcast of speeches including the launch of myedna, your avatar can rock out to popular Second Life band Space Junky.

We have a 10th birthday page on the edna site with more details and info on the Live Classroom event Kerrie Smith is hosting also. It’s located at: http://www.edna.edu.au/10birthday

Sounds like fun! Thank you to Kerrie Smith, Kerry Johnson and the rest of team for personally taking the time to engage with the communities of learning you support. I can’t even begin to imagine what your 20th anniversary party will be like.