Planning for 2008 already!? I’m a big fan of the social constructivist collaborative tools that EdNA promotes via their OzProjects. It is a best practice online learning environment where students can develop their understanding while collaborating with students around Australia to generate meaning around various topics. This comes via Kerrie Smith at


Are your students interested in participating in Australia wide online projects in 2008? This is part of EdNA’s OzProjects/Global Education projects strategy for 2008. They are looking for teachers interested in hosting or managing an online school projects in 2008.

Teachers could either participate in an existing project, or host a new online project. For example during February and March 2008 they plan to focus on three topics:

· Antarctica
· Sea Week (2 - 8 March)
· International Year of Sanitation 2008

If you interested in being involved, you can register your interest here.

The new OzProjects website is able to host online school projects for students based on the same model we use for our EdNA groups.

During 2008 they intend to generate/encourage online projects for International Year of Planet Earth, NAIDOC, Olympics, Paralympics, International Year of Languages, Literacy & Numeracy, and the International Year of the Potato (I kid you not).

They have some guidelines and examples for online projects on their older site here. In justifying such a project to your colleagues and to enthuse them, this list is a very good starting place.

Your project does not have to be on the topics listed but it does have to be relevant for Australian classes.