We are worrying about reluctant readers and reluctant learners, yet we have so many reluctant teachers when it comes to computing! Kim responded to a comment I made about getting teachers online (excuse the pun) in my post about blogging.

I have no answers there Kim sorry, but I am sure it frustrates many more members of this blog. I have worked on a few principles at my current school;

  • If I excite the kids, then they will ask the teachers to do it using ICT, forcing the teachers to learn.
  • I will endeavour to enthuse the teachers by showing them examples of what they can do in the classroom using skills they already have.
  • Encouraged ATAs (Aboriginal Teaching Assistants) to attend ICT lessons.

And where has that left me? 500 excited kids, a few more teachers and ATAs starting to use ICT more effectively. Yet, teachers come into my room, suprised to see Johnny sitting at my feet being a perfect boy enaged in his work (on the SMARTBoard) and they don’t use the SMARTBoard outside my lesson.

Another important thing I have learned in the last year or so is, mountains can’t be moved without support, if the management is not actively supporting, encouraging and expecting ICT to be used effectively there is only so far that an indivual teacher can go. I am sure that is something you have already worked, but even though I had heard this so many times, I didn’t believe it until I tried and tried…

However, I keep trying, I keep seeing the class teacher after having their class and share what we have done, explain to them that this generation wants to publish not to view, that they want to be part of the web. I encourage the kids to email me, to talk to their teachers about the technology, to use the jargen and share their knowledge.