After reading the FishCam post from Reg, I thought I would put this information forward as if you are an Apple School like mine you already (usually) have the facility to enable the cam scenario and much more. It takes a little planning and setting up but once in place you have a huge potential facility to interact through multimedia.

A couple of years ago my school wanted access to video libraries so to cut a long story short I went down the road of setting up a a quicktime streaming server which is just a matter of starting this service up in Tiger Server (don’t forget there is a free version called Darwin Server that you can download). Once set up it’s accessed by admin from anywhere in the school using a remote tool and students use a web interface to access content. Anyway using Quicktime Broadcaster (as you know free) you have a live feed from any camera and the control of access, streaming the feed if you wish, capturing and compressing the feed if you wish and forwarding to the internet is very easy with QT server.

You could actually just use an eMac as your server for small scale things and your eMac could also be the computer that has the camera attached. The larger your school the more of an expensive it may be if you scale to meet demand but its worth messing with if you already have the server software to try it. Anyway just in case it was not considered I thought I would mention it and if you teach Media and Music in a large capacity it is a great tool.