Have been playing with Podcasts.
I am using a Mac and so the technical side of this applies to mac users.
The only reason I can do it is because Apple’s iLife 06 software makes idiots (like me) look clever.
How did I learn?
Well I watched the Steve Jobs webcast and learnt from there.

What do you need?

  • iLife 06 - iLife 05 will not do Podcasts.
  • A mac with a built in mike.
  • A dot mac account (or more brains than me to figure out how to save your work to another server).

Blitto PodcastWhat have I done?

primarily I have been using it to put up revision talks for my Yr12 Human Biol Kids. Check them out here

I make a few powerpoint slides to aid my talk and export them as Jpegs.

I then record the talk in Garageband as a podcast and then send to iWeb. Before sending I add the jpegs and some other pictures into the graphics track at the top of Garageband.

I leave a few hints about the next test - to make the kids listen to it.

Anyway - if this doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry - it’s easy.