I think this web blog is a pretty exciting thing. But probably it is time to set out some ground rules as to what we are trying to achieve, why and how we intend to go about it.

I had a little chuckle in at Silver City (WA Ed Dept HQ for the uninitiated) the other day. I was there in my capacity as a member of the State 18’s Basketball team (Bus Driver. Me like Travolta except i got a bus and he has his own 747). A couple of gems from the old Achievement Certificate days had appeared pinned up on a notice board on the way in.
I mean we can’t go past Pertronius Arbiter

“We trained hard … but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.”


Six Official Steps in a Disaster Life Cycle

1. Enthusiasm
2. Disillusionment
3. Panic
4. Search for the guilty
5. Blame the innocent
6. Reward the uninvolved

I think that we need to collaborate on line somewhere. I offer forum.nubatconspiracy.com so i can use it as an example of how to use a forum to set up a discussion for kids in my classes.

Or, we can make it a unit in a Moodle site.

Just set a time and a date.

And may i further suggest, that once we have set up our rules, we then announce it .

Lookin’ good

c ya